2019 - Kara Walker Presents: The Colossus of Rutgers, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY
2018 - JCAST HQ - Jersey City Art and Studio Tour, Jersey City, NJ
2018 - OPEN v. 3 2018: LIPS/LAP Festival, New Brunswick, NJ
2018 - Leap Century: Rutgers in New York, Abrons Art Center, New York, NY
2018 - Future Years, MFA Thesis Exhibition, New Brunswick, NJ
2018 - 15 Minutes of Doing Something Now (open mic), New York, NY
2017 - Last Minute, Mortensen Hall, New Brunswick, NJ
2017 - I Want to be Evil, Situations Gallery, 127 Henry St, New York, NY
2017 - Crossed Wires, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ
2017 - Proverbial Balls, Livingston Art Building, New Brunswick, NJ
2016 - Sweet Potato, First Year Show, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ.
2014 - Serious Play, Hardy and Nance Street Studios, Houston, TX
2014 - The UH School of Art Annual Student Exhibition, Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, TX
2014 - Library Works, W.R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library, Houston, TX
2013 - Painting: Questions Not Answers, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
2013 - Menil/Fiesta, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX
2013 - Siege of the Skeletons, JP McGovern Museum of Health and Science, Houston, TX
2012 – God (open call), Art Car Museum, Houston, TX